Scholarius EdSer proactively enhances the Educational Ecosystem
Total Quality Management
Standardised Protocols
Building Core Competencies
Sustainable Roadmaps

Scholarius EdSer’s mentoring and consultancy services throughout India, UAE, Qatar, and Sri Lanka, elevates institutional efficiency and fosters capacity-building in educational establishments. Our expert team of professionals offers client-specific assistance, meticulously crafted through comprehensive need analysis. Collaborating with both the private and public sectors, Scholarius EdSer proactively contributes to the enhancement of the educational ecosystem.

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  • Helen O’Grady Preschools – Early Years Education, Drama & Theatre &

  • EKAM Learning Consultants, Bangalore – Management Consultancy & Training

  • Edsix Brain Lab, IIT, Research Park, Chennai - Cognitive Upskilling

  • NumberNagar, Bangalore – Concept Labs – K-12

  • Lodestar Career Guidance, Bangalore – Career guidance and counselling

  • Osiri University, USA – Online University – Management Consultancy

  • London Education Centre, Qatar - Management Consultancy & Training

  • KGS Education, Bangalore - CLIL Certification (Cambridge Assessments)
  • Febru-Linguistics, Chennai – Media (Translation & Subtitling)