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trainingScholarius is a proactive service-provider in the education sector since 2009. Scholarius provides wide-ranging consultancy services to schools and all categories of educational institutions to formulate, implement and monitor capacity-building programs to ensure their smooth and efficient functioning. Scholarius offers a comprehensive portfolio of writing and content creation services to corporates, not-for-profit organisations and media houses.


scholarius works to provide business strategies to all kinds of educational institutions including schools, colleges, technical and/or vocational institutes and governments.government

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world mapOur job is to identify client-specific ways to improve both the business as well as the educational/technical side of institutional operations. We work with individuals and organisations to customize solutions, keeping in mind available resources, timelines & mandatory requirements.

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scholariusis a trustworthy partner to institutions & corporate organizations in the education sector, worldwide. Our focus is to design and implement sustainable teaching-learning models based on sound theory and practice along with commercially viable administrative & quality assurance protocols.

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scholariusspecializes in designing and implementing audit procedures that help institutions achieve stability and growth. One of the focal areas of operation is Total Quality Assurance & Management, with viable auditing protocols that are customized to suit the client and the sector.