Audit and ValidationVeritasTM

Veritable School Audit, Validation and Verification Services

VeritasTM focuses on audits in schools and validation of educational programs. Through Veritas, SES provides audits in key areas in school academics and administration. This is done based on a comprehensive framework that is designed to ensure a 360° evaluation of systems and protocols in an educational institution. Based on the outcome of the audit, SES suggests a targeted approach to enhance the efficiency of the institution.

Validation of existing programs is offered, based on 21st century approaches to education. The program is vetted by experts in the field of Early Childhood Education, Assessment Protocols and Teaching Techniques. This validation service extends to vocational courses as well. Institutions offering skill-enhancement courses, can ensure that their programs meet global standards.

VeritasTM includes:

  • Audit of school academic processes – for CBSE, CISCE and International schools
  • Organizational audit and restructuring, in line with 21st century requirements
  • Training of Assessors and Internal Verifiers in program implementation and assessment
  • Designing of Learning Program Plans and assessment documentation
  • Conduct of Internal Verification process for Pearson Edexcel, UK institutes