Curriculum Design, Support and Assessment Services

PyramidTM designs and develops board and grade specific curriculums and curriculum-support programs for schools. Through structured implementation and monitoring programs, Scholarius Educational Services continues its mission to implement top-notch education by providing support during initial phases of the operation. Where necessary, we ensure that our well-designed monitoring protocols give client-schools plans of action to sustain and enrich the programs that have been implemented.

We cater to both International Curriculums (Edexcel, UK; Cambridge International Examination, UK) and National Curriculums (CBSE, ICSE).

We combine innovative ideas in curriculum development with effective teaching and learning resources.

PyramidTM specialises in Assessment Tools that help the teacher get a quick overview academically of where the students need additional support. Based on the results of the assessment, the student also gets an insight on where he/she needs to invest effort.

In terms of tangible resources we provide:

  • Commissioned Curriculum Mapping Documents
  • Grade and Board specific Lesson Plans
  • Grade and Board specific Work sheets
  • International curriculums – theory & practice
  • Staff selection advice
  • Customized Question Papers