Learning Platform for Teachers to Support, Build and Enhance their Teaching and Learning Skills

We support teachers through our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Qualification courses; where they learn to create efficient assessment tools, write comprehensive lesson plans and effectively engage the students in the learning process.

Teacher Learning Models

LearninGraphTM periodically offers short courses that aim at equipping a teacher with all skills necessary to be a New Age Facilitator. Our workshops are designed to cater to board-specific needs of teachers while facilitating positive changes to their academic competency. The teacher learning models are offered as workshops lasting from two days to a few months.

Workshops & Course Categories (a few examples)


 Board Specific – Structured Workshops  5 – 10 hrs
 ACE – Academic Competency Enhancement - Comprehensive Course  30 hrs
 Special Education Needs: Identifying & Supporting learners, teachers & parents  10 – 25 hrs
 Certified Course on Learning Strategies – Levels I & II – (KU CRL, Kansas University, USA)  12 days over 5 months
 CPD Workshops for Principals & Teachers  3 – 10 hrs
 Kindergarten-specific Courses  2 – 30 days

ACE – Academic Competency Enhancement

(30 hours)

A course for teachers that focuses on Planning – Implementation – Assessment and Evaluation, across boards and curriculums. It explains classroom practices that work, while addressing limitations. It is a comprehensive CPD course which has two levels – Entry & Advanced.


(30 hours)

Communication and Professionalism – A structured professional development course that focuses on building key language and communication skills along with personal branding strategies and techniques, to emerge as a 21st century professional in today’s education ecosystem.

KITE- Kindergarten-based Integrated Teaching & Evaluation

(200 hours)

The course follows a structured framework which helps teachers to facilitate, assess & evaluate learning. It incorporates a practical approach to learning and guides teachers to handle the children and the expectations of parents.

PAKT (Professional Advancement for KG Teachers)[Levels I & II]

(72 hours)

This course can be co-branded by the school with SCALE (Scholarius Centre for Academic Learning & Excellence). Over three months, contact sessions & hands-on Kindergarten teaching practice help teachers progress from Level I to Level II. The focus is on - Teaching techniques, Assessment Protocols, Language & Communication, Pre-school administration, Governmental Guidelines and use of IT.

Language Course for Workforce

As part of our continued efforts to provide courses that are beneficial, we have designed and developed a language course for Workforces of Small and Medium Scale industries.

The course named English @ Work is a 20-40 hours’ program that trains workforce to

  • Connect effectively with their peers
  • Communicate with their internal and external customers
  • Collaborate with their clients and partners