best sellerTANDEMTM

A unique Kindergarten program

…mind at work… body at play

Tandem is a Kindergarten program, designed to give a child a well-rounded experience in the world of learning. It stokes the child’s innate curiosity and stimulates the senses with rich visual, auditory, and kinesthetic experiences to lay a strong learning foundation. Based largely on the Reggio Emilia approach, Tandem can be implemented in any pre-school environment, as it prepares students for entry into CBSE, ICSE, State and International schools.

Tandem incorporates learning with play; ensuring that a child learns concepts and skills, without any kind of strain or worry. The degree of learning complexity progresses at each level, with the emphasis being on understanding, application and analysis of information, leading to creative thought processes.

What are the TANDEMTM Deliverables?

 TANDEM flowchart

What Does a TANDEMTM Partner Get?

  • Absolute ownership of the curriculum at nominal cost
  • No royalty or renewal fee; No revenue sharing
  • Supports minimal infrastructure investment
  • Interactive sessions for parents

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