PlayPen is the latest addition to the wide range of products and services offered by Scholarius. PlayPen addresses the growing need for quality childcare in towns and cities today. In most families, where both parents are employed, it is increasingly difficult to find dependable help to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children. PlayPen, with its comprehensive structure of childcare and play, ensures an environment that is child-centric, hygienic, safe and most importantly, affordable!

PlayPen Programs

Every PlayPen unit offers two childcare programs – to accommodate children of varying ages.

  1. PlayPen – Baby: This is for children between the ages of six months and two years.
    This facility will be opened from 7 am to 7pm from Monday through Saturday.
  2. PlayPen – Junior: This is for school-going children from the ages of two and ten years.
    This facility will be opened from 12noon to 7pm from Monday through Saturday.

PlayPen – the business model

PlayPen is being launched as a joint-venture opportunity – where Scholarius invites interested individual entrepreneurs, corporates and other organizations to partner and co-brand. An interested party could decide on opening one or more PlayPen units, which will be managed by qualified staff who are trained, recruited and monitored by the PlayPen management unit of Scholarius. A specific contract will specify the terms and conditions of the business, with a clear indication of the profit-sharing arrangement.

A PlayPen unit – the basic infrastructure that an investor requires

  • Built-up premises with a minimum carpet area of 1500 square feet (Self-owned or Leased)
  • In addition, a minimum space of 300 square feet – open area, for play
  • Semi-furnished, with wall cupboards and shelves
  • Two wash-rooms fitted with child-friendly toilets, within the house
  • One toilet outside the house (optional)

A PlayPen unit – services offered by Scholarius

  • Design and execution of interior and exterior design, in line with PlayPen branding
  • Furniture, fittings, appliances and child-friendly toys
  • Training and monitoring of PlayPen staff
  • Linen, consumables and toiletries
  • Age-appropriate food (optional)
  • Value added services such as grooming and personal care