Dr. R Krishnamani


Conservation Biologist, Open-Access Web portal Guru and Photographer

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KrishnamaniDr. Krishnamani is a conservation biologist and is the founder of The Rainforest Initiative (http://www.rainforest-initiative.org), an NGO that focuses on ecological impact assessment and rainforest research. Dr. Krishnamani holds a doctorate on Lion-tailed monkeys, a species endemic to the Western Ghats of southern India. He has worked with World Wide Fund for Nature - India (WWF-India) and is an awardee of grants from National Geographic Society, International Primatological Society, Chicago Zoological Society, Primate Conservation, Inc., and Wildlife Conservation Society. Krishnamani advises Scholarius on various aspects of publicity and back-end operations.

He also actively promotes scientific dissemination of knowledge through Thesica.org (https://www.thesica.org), a digital repository of PhD theses that can be used by researchers in any discipline. His creative works on photographing the myriad landscapes can be found here (https://www.terrapixels.com).