Services offered by Scholarius Educational Services

Since its inception in 2009, Scholarius Educational Services has included international board approvals (Edexcel UK); national board affiliations (CBSE/ICSE); curriculum development; staff selection and recruitment; CPD (teacher training); student-mentoring; academic restructuring and validation/verification services (for international management courses). We also offer client-specific content development support for schools, NGOs, corporates and individuals. We cover the entire gamut of relevant services and thrive on building a network of enduring relationships.

At Scholarius we believe that every transaction is enhanced by an individual’s intrinsic value. Therefore our work reflects a synergistic connection symbolized by our name ‘Scholar-i-(u)s’- connecting the Scholar with I, U (You), Us.

SES verticals

  • CompetenciaTM – comprehensive school advisory solutions - More
  • TRASETM – platform for recruitment & skills enhancement for teachers - More
  • LearninGraphTM – learning platform for teachers - More
  • ScribendoTM – instructional design and content development - More
  • VeritasTM – verification and validation services - More
  • PyramidTM – curriculum design, support and assessment services - More